MGSyn Modeling Tool
MGSyn Wizard

Model-driven Tool

MGSyn's model-driven development tool is used to specify the properties of the plant and the requirements for the control task for which a controller is to be synthesized. The tool itself is based on Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and the the backend engine GAVS+ used for game solving. Numbers in the following refer to the picture on the right, which shows a screenshot of the MGSyn modeling tool.

Models are created via the file browser (1) and consists of three parts (2):

  • The hardware model specifies the hardware modules present in the plant as well as their capabilities. This includes actuations that can be triggered as well as sensor input that can be obtained. For example, a conveyor belt has the capability to move work pieces from one place to another and a color sensor can detect the color of a work piece.
  • The formal model specifies the initial configuration of the plant as well as the goal state. For instance, the initial configuration may specify that a work piece is initially located at a specific position and the goal state may state that the work piece is processed in some way and located at a different position.
  • The topology model specifies how the hardware modules are interconnected with each other to form processing chain. The allowed material flow is automatically derived from this specification.

Properties of the model elements can be adjusted in the properties pane (4). The synthesis engine of MGSyn (3) is based on recent advances and optimizations in algorithmic game theory. For details on the theoretical aspects, please see our relevant publications.