MGSyn - Model, Game and Synthesis


MGSyn (Model, Game, Synthesis) is an open-source software tool for generating control programs for industrial automation systems from formal specifications. It supports designers of industrial control programs by allowing them to focus on the specification of the system rather than on its implementation.

MGSyn comes with a model-driven design tool that allows to specify the requirements for a control task in a modular way. Given a specification, MGSyn's game-based synthesis engine determines whether the specification is feasible for a given setup, and if so, generates a control program that implements it.

MGSyn also allows specification of constraints like time behavior or energy consumption to fine-tune the generated control program. In addition, MGSyn can synthesize distributed control programs, that is partial control programs for all electronic control units (e.g., programmable logic controllers) in the plant.

Example: Controller Synthesis for Festo MPS®

The following video shows execution of a control program that implements the specification "Drill the work piece at storage space 1A if it is red and return it to the storage". The hardware platform used is the Festo Modular Production System (MPS®), which features components typically used in industry.

Latest Version

v0.8 as of March 17, 2014