Festo MPS storage station
Schematic of circular MPS

Performance Guarantees

When implementing a controller that satisfies a given set of requirements, multiple solutions exist in general. In classical development approaches, it is the responsibility of the control engineer to select the "best" solution. In order to teach MGSyn to choose wisely among the possible solutions, the formal specification processed by MGSyn may contain a set of constraints that, when specified, will hold for the synthesized controllers. Such constraints may, for example, limit the maximal execution time of the controller or the energy consumed during execution.

In order to demonstrate this principle, we have built a second Festo Modular Production System (MPS®) plant in which two stations and some conveyor belts are arranges to form a circular processing chain (see schematic). This setup allows to demonstrate the benefits of performance guarantees better than the initial setup.


Example specifications for this plant are:

  • Processing and sorting of work pieces.
  • Output of excessive work pieces.
  • Processing (i.e., drilling) of work pieces and sorting of other work pieces by color at the same time.

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