Festo MPS®
Schematic showing excerpt of the MPS in our lab

Festo Modular Production System (MPS®)

The main motivation in developing MGSyn is to demonstrate on real-life plants and industrial automation problems that advances from the area of software synthesis are useful for programming control algorithms in a dependable and efficient way.

For this purpose, we chose the Festo Modular Production System (MPS®) as execution platform. The MPS provides miniaturized industrial-grade automation components that are typically used in vocational training. MPS stations can be freely combined and feature components such as electric motors, pneumatic pistons, grippers, light barriers and color sensors, to only name a few.

The MPS plant built in our lab (schematic shows an excerpt) consists of six processing stations and several conveyor belts. Furthermore, it contains seven programmable logic controllers (PLC), among them six of type Siemens S7-313.

Typical control tasks executed on this system are:

  • Recognizing properties of work pieces in the storage rack.
  • Changing the sorting order of work pieces in the storage rack.
  • Processing (e.g., drilling, mounting) of work pieces depending on their physical properties.
  • Delivery of work pieces on the conveyor belt(s).

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